St Marks

Pastor’s Page

Now that we're coming up on Thanksgiving we have a wonderful Johnny Cash song on our website. I always liked his music. When I was in college and in the Seminary I used to play his music all the time.

The church parking lot is very dark because the wiring under the parking lot was installed in the 1970's when the church was built. It has deteriorated to the extent that the lights in the parking lot no longer work. I'm working on a solution.

The parish is now connected to the "Formed" program. Anyone in the parish can access Catholic content from their computer: Put that in and follow the instructions.  So far 58 people have signed up. Remember, it's free.

We just installed a state of the art Fire Alarm System The old one was destroyed by a lightning strike on October 29th. Our insurance has a $5000 deductible.  According to NY State law every public building must have one. It cost over $3500. That's where the rest of the 50/50 money went. The first part of it went to the pathway improvement and railings.

 Pray for the poor people in California with all those wildfires.


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