St Marks

Pastor’s Page

The homilies are not going through the computer for some reason, so the Sunday homilies are not up to date.

We're having a talent show in the Fall to raise money for the church. If you'd like to try out, we'll be having auditions soon. The show will be on November 4th. We changed the date from October 21st due to conflicts. If you want to audition, the form can be found by clicking on that date on the parish calendar. We will have a Chinese Auction on that day, too.

The parish is now connected to the "Formed" program. Anyone in the parish can access Catholic content from their computer: Put that in and follow the instructions. This month we are going to hear about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

The CMA is at 102%of goal. Thank you for your generosity. Remember our 50/50 drawing tickets on sale this weekend at church and at the rectory during the week.

You'll notice on the first page of our website an explanation of the Liturgical Year, the year that all Christians follow.

You will notice on our website that we now have a donate page for those who want to donate electronically. There is also a page for Religious Education fees for those who want to pay with a credit card. A number of people have asked for this.

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